Child Dentistry

Child teeth or Milk teeth are extremely important for the growth and development of the dentofacial region as well as the entire body. As we all know it helps in proper chewing and ingestion of food there by maintaining a well balanced diet & nutrition.

If a cavity is detected on a milk tooth it should be filled and taken care of till it is exfoliated. Early removal of milk tooth can lead to adjacent teeth moving to that space and prevent proper growth and eruption of the permanent tooth. It will also affect the proper bone development in the region.

Certain dental & bone anomalies can be corrected during this age and some can be corrected only at this stage. Various treatments available for children are

1. Fillings
Various advanced materials are available today to fill only the decayed part and prevent removal of good tooth structure.

2. Pulpotomy
This is done in painful cavities where normal fillings can’t be done. The portion of the pulp or nerve which is infected is removed and medicaments are placed.

3. Pulpectomy
In this treatment the entire pulp is removed and alternative materials are placed and filled.

4. Crowns
Ready made crowns are inserted to severely decayed teeth. It is done in pulp treated tooth as well as non treated tooth depending on the case.

5. Space maintainers
Space maintainers are used when there is a missing milk tooth or when a tooth is removed due to infection. The space of the tooth is maintained till the permanent tooth is erupted using appliances custom prepared in the laboratory. This prevents the damages caused due to early loss of milk teeth.

6. Flouride Application (preventive)
Flouride if applied at the safe levels are very good in preventing cavities. Flouride gels are taken in tray and placed it on upper and lower teeth for a few minutes and it is repeated at a fixed interval. This can prevent dental decay to a great extent.

7. Pit & Fissure sealants (preventive)
The depth and shape of the pits and fissures on the chewing surface of milk teeth decides the chances of dental decay in back teeth of children. If they are deep and shallow, there are chances of food and chocolates to get trapped in these fissures and pits and cause decay. The trapped food materials cannot be cleaned by normal brushing.

As a preventive measure, these pits and fissures are sealed using materials like Glass Ionomers or composites. Once sealed the area is smooth and there will not be food trapping.

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