Cleaning and Polishing
Due to the food habits and improper brushing and cleaning habits, stains and tartar get accumulated on our teeth. This will cause infection of the gums and bad breath. Once he infection progresses, it will affect the inner layers of the gums and it will cause severe bone loss which firmly holds the teeth in place.

Professional cleaning of teeth is advised every six months for adults. The frequency should be increased if gum infection is diagnosed or if found diabetic.

Curettage & root Planing
This treatment is done on advanced gum diseases involving deep layers of gums and root surface of your teeth. The gum tissues are cleaned using special instruments called curettes. The surface of the roots are also cleaned off the infected tissue and calculus. This regains the health of the infected gums and will regain its rigidity from a spongy reddish appearance.

After this a regular cleaning at fixed intervals should be followed.

Flap Surgery & Bone grafts
This treatment is done when the infection has gone to deeper areas of the gums and roots involving the bone. Its a minor surgical procedure where the gum tissue is partially detached from the roots and bone, the entire tissue is scraped out of the infected tissues. The roots are also cleaned to more depth and the gum flap is placed back and sutured.

As mentioned earlier, severe gum diseases can lead to the loss of the supporting bone there by causing mobility of tooth. In such cases, after examining the X-Rays synthetic bone materials are placed in the bone lost areas. This is called bone grafting. Once the graft is grown into bone, the teeth will become rigid and firm.

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