Smile Designing

Smile Designing

Smile designing is the procedure to enhance quality of your smile  by correcting the shape, colour, visibility and alignment  of your teeth. It may be a simple reshaping of one or two teeth to a complex pocedure involving  orthodontics, bridges ,whitening and minor surgeries like gum contouring and sulcus reduction.

Various procedures Involved in Smile designing

1. Cosmetic contouring
 It is done if there is only mild corrections in shape that can be achieved by trimming  of your teeth in the enamel layer only.

2. Direct Composite Veneering
Moderate alignment problems  an irregularities can be corrected with direct application of high quality composite resin along with contouring.

3. Indirect Ceramic Laminates
For  more aesthetic correction of the teeth, we use custom lab fabricated  laminates in ceramic and fix it on to the tooth.

4. Crowns and Bridges
If it needs more extensive shape changes and alignments we  will go for metal free ceramic crowns or bridges. It has more durability and strength than laminates.

All the above procedures can be completed in a few days.

5. Orthodontics
Orthodontics also is considered for Smile designing provided you have enough time and is willing to visit the clinic frequently for checkups during the treatment. The treatment may take 3 -18 months depending on the case. The advantage is, it doesn’t  remove any of your tooth structure or nothing is added to it and the result is maintenance free .

6. Whitening
Sometimes  the colour of the teeth will be too yellowish or dark. This problem can be corrected by whitening procedures. It can be performed in the Clinic or at home. A brighter teeth along with other cosmetic corrections will add value to your face. 

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