Crown & Bridges

Crown & Bridges

Crowns or caps  are covering for individual tooth. It can be a vital tooth with  cavities, discolouration or wear and tear  or it can be a Root canal treated tooth.
Bridges are usually  fabricated to restore missing tooth or teeth. The teeth adjacent to the missing area is prepared and  bridge is fabricated in the laboratory and fixed on to the prepared tooth along with the missing tooth/teeth as a single piece. Bridges are also done in cosmetic correction of front teeth or when adjacent multiple tooth are required to be crowned.

Full Metal
  This is the cheapest of all the crown/bridges. It will be of metallic colour all over. So it cannot be used in front teeth. It can be advised in extreme back teeth only as otherwise it may be visible while smiling and laughing.

Facing Porcelain
This is a better option than full  metal crowns when used in visible areas of the mouth. It is cheaper compared to  all Porcelain covered crowns (PFM).

All Porcelain covered crowns (PFM)
   In this the entire exposed metal area is covered with porcelain. So metal part will not be visible at all. Still there is translucency which may not give life like appearance to the crown and there may be discoloration at the gingival margin in long term use.   

Metal Free Crowns

This is the aesthetically perfect crowns & Bridges. It doesn’t not have metal base. It is made up of only tooth coloured materials. It will give perfectly natural appearance as it will allow light to pass through it like natural tooth. Crowns with metal base have an opaque  nature and less natural feel.
Metal free crowns also prevent the dark shade to the gingiva  as it is caused by the shade of the metal inside metal based crowns.

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